Bathe yourself with the Dreamcast Controller

September 26, 2010

Are you tired of yourself bathing with boring old bars of soap? I am too! Luckily the people over at Digital Soaps also thought the same thing and came up with these. Now you can bathe yourself like a true Sega fan and come out smelling like Mountain Dew as well.


Sega Dreamcast in the guinness book of world records!

July 12, 2010

Hi there, I am a new writer here at Sega buffs, my user ID is Skies_of_gallia, but for short you can call me SOG. Or not, it’s cool either way.

Anyway, enough with the intro, so you all may have heard that our beloved software company sega earned themselves 2 guinness world records at this summer’s E3 expo. Well today as I was looking through some old books and I came across the guinness book of world records 2000 millennium edition, I began looking through the technology section and what did I see? you guessed it, a small bit about the sega dreamcast. 

For the year 2000 (and for some years after some may argue) sega held the title for the world’s most advanced games console! Not too suprising as the dreamcast was the only 128bit machine out at the time, but it is still neat to see the folks at guinness gave credit where it was due!, Above is a photo I took of the book.